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    Click the link for more information on the summer camps between August 10th - 13th at Rose Diamond in Stanley Park.

    Tax Deductible Donations to RMLL

    Tax Deductible Donations to Calgary Rocky Mountain Baseball Association  can now be made through the Parks Foundation.

    To make your donation:

    1.  Visit the Parks Foundation website at:

    2.  Choose  “Sport Projects”

    3.  Click on the drop down for “Please Select a Project”

    4.  Select "Calgary Rocky Mountain Baseball Association" from the list

    5.  Complete your donation


    Go to the AT HOME DRILLS page on the website to find practice plans based on Big Al Baseball and videos of drills that can be done at home. 

    Pitching Machine Tutorial


    If you have questions about Little League, CLICK HERE FIRST

    Rose Diamond at Stanley Park - Home of Rocky Mountain Little League


    Click on the icons below to review the Little League Alberta // RMLL  Safety Guide related to COVID-19 and other documents for 2021 season protocols.

    Youth & Collegiate Sport and Recreation Activities AHS guidelines

    Click on this link and scroll down to stay up to date on the Youth Sport AHS guidelines.

    Little League Bats - Must be "USA Baseball" Certified

    This is a reminder to parents and players that all non-wood or laminated bats MUST display the "USA Baseball" certification logo (on the bat's handle) to be used in any Little League games or practices. 

    The only exceptions are in the Intermediate, Junior and Senior Divisions, for players age 13 to 16.

    Intermediate and Junior Divisions:  Bats with either the USA Baseball or BBCOR approved logos are permitted.

    Senior Division:  Non-wood bats must display the BBCOR certification logo. All bats must have a maximum -3 weight to length ratio (even if it's a solid one-piece wood bat).

    All Divisions:  Solid one-piece wood barrel bats are permitted without the USA Baseball logo in all divisions.

    Bats that are USSSA BPF 1.15 certified (used in 2017 and prior seasons) cannot be used in any games or practices.

    Length Restrictions:  USA Baseball-approved bats used in Rookie Ball Senior and above must be at least 27" long.

    USA Baseball-approved bats that are 26" and shorter are approved for use only with soft core (T Ball) baseballs, as indicated on the bat. These bats can only be used in the T Ball and Rookie Ball Junior divisions.

    USA Baseball Bat Info


    After completing registration, any request to withdraw from RMLL with a refund must be sent via email to All registrations have a $25 non-refundable portion.

    For Blast Ball, T-Ball and Rookie Ball:  If a request to withdraw is received on or before March 31st, a full refund less the $25 fee will be provided. No refunds are provided for any request received on or after April 1st for these divisions.

    For Minors, Majors and Teenage Divisions:  If a request to withdraw is received before the date of the first evaluation session, a full refund less the $25 fee will be provided. Requests received after the first evaluation session will be provided less a $75 non-refundable fee. No refunds are provided for any request received after teams have been formed in these divisions.

    Rocky Mountain Little League News

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