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Majors - 11 and 12 Years Old



This is the top division of Little League Baseball, played on 60’ baseline diamonds. The game is essentially the same as is played in Minors, but is played in adherence to the Little League Rulebook along with a few RMLL House League rule modifications. This is the division for Little League All-Star play (July-August), with the finals, the Little League World Series, held in Williamsport and televised internationally.

RMLL will strive to have at least one qualified umpire at every regular season and playoff game. There will be a number of opportunities for pre-season and/or out-of-league tournament play, many of which will be out of town. Players interested in playing on summer All-Star teams must attend evaluation sessions in early June unless prior arrangements have been made.

Attendance at a Majors evaluation session in March is mandatory, so please be aware of the dates, times and locations that these are scheduled. Team selection is by a draft system, so evaluation attendance is essential to ensure we draft the most balanced teams possible.

Schedule Information:

Games are played on various days of the week, including Saturday and Sunday, and most teams will have practices on weekends. Most weeks there will be two games scheduled and one or two practices. The season starts in late April and playoffs run through the end of June.

The schedule will be published after enough parents have volunteered to coach and teams can be finalized, usually in mid-April.

Players typically arrive for weeknight games between 5.30 to 5.45 pm, with first pitch at 6.30 pm.

Parents Need to Provide:

Participants are supplied with a numbered, embroidered baseball jersey (which must be returned at the end of the season), a ball cap, baseball pants, baseball “sleeves”, a belt and baseball socks (all of which they keep).

Parents must supply players with:

  • Batting helmet
  • Cleats (non-metal) or running shoes
  • Baseball glove
  • Athletic supporter or compression shorts (mandatory in Little League).

Players must supply their own batting helmet, which can be purchased at most sporting goods stores for about $30. Please make sure it fits properly, is NOCSAE approved, and is marked (athletic tape works well) to identify it as your child’s. A face guard on the helmet is optional.

*ATTENTION: Although Rocky Mountain Little League only requires players at the Minors level to wear helmets with face shields, we encourage players at the Majors level who wish to wear a face shield do so. Players must ensure that their helmet has proper fit and hygiene. A face shield is highly effective in reducing the likelihood of sustaining a facial injury if hit by a pitch or an errant throw.

Many players have or will wish to purchase their own baseball bats. All non-wood or laminated bats must have a "USA Baseball" approved logo. Solid one-piece wood barrel bats do not require a USA Baseball logo. No exceptions (this includes practices and games).

Age and Ability:

This level of play is primarily designed for league age 11 and 12 year-olds, although very strong 10 year-olds may register in Minors and attend Majors evaluations. Players who are Little League age 10 and want to be considered for a Majors team must attend evaluations for both the Minors and Majors Divisions. Players who are league age 11 but do not get drafted or placed onto a Majors Division team will be placed on a team in the Minors Division. Link to Little League age chart:  Age Chart

Players with a birthday between September 1, 2011 and August 31, 2013 will register in the Majors Division and attend Majors evaluations. Requests for exceptions must be noted during the registration process, and are approved at the sole discretion of the league's Player Agent.


Cost is $400 for the regular season. Players registering after February 29, 2024 must pay a $100 late registration fee, so please register before this date.

Where Games Are Played:

  • Majors games are played at our Diamonds in Braeside, Southwood, St. Catherine's (Canyon Meadows), Blackfoot North and Stanley Park.
  • See link to RMLL's Diamonds