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Major AA - 10 and 11 Years Old

Major AA – 10* and 11 years old

A crossover Division where many of the players are more experienced, however coaches recognize that they will have some beginners on each of their teams; beginner players are at an age where they pick up the game and the skills very rapidly. Most players in this Division are 11 years old and play here for a single season. The game is played in adherence with the Little League Rule Book, and an All-Star team is formed for play in July.

Attendance at an evaluation session in mid-March is mandatory (two are preferable) so please be aware of the dates, times and locations that these are scheduled. Based on evaluation results, a number of 11 year olds will “ladder up” to our Major Division, but the majority will be placed on AA teams. Team selection is by a draft system, so evaluation attendance is essential to ensure we draft the most balanced teams possible. Note that the registration is for both AA and Majors Divisions.

*NOTE: 10 year-olds may not register directly for this Division. They must register for AAA, and attend the evaluation sessions for the AAA Division. Depending on those results, several of the stronger 10 year olds will be invited to participate at the AA level.

Players who are 12 years old are required by Little League Regulations to play at the Major Division level. A 12 year old may participate at the AA level, but only if the parents sign a waiver attesting that this is their wish, and this must be approved by the League President and our District Administrator.

A 12 year old player is not allowed to pitch in the AA Division.

Participants are supplied with a numbered, embroidered baseball jersey (which must be returned at the end of the season), ball cap, baseball pants, baseball “sleeves” a belt and baseball socks (all of which they keep), and only need to supply running shoes or cleats (non-metal), ball glove, and an athletic protector (mandatory in Little League).

This is the first Division where players must supply their own batting helmet. Source for Sports” has an excellent selection. Please make sure it fits properly, is CSA approved, and mark it (masking tape works well) to identify it as your child’s. A face guard on the helmet is optional.

*ATTENTION: Although Rocky Mountain Little League only requires players at the AAA level to wear helmets with face shields we strongly encourage players at the AA and Majors level who wish to wear a face shield do so. We recommend that players have their own helmet to ensure proper fit and hygiene, however, we will provide two helmets with face shields to each AA and Majors team. A face shield is highly effective in reducing the likelihood of sustaining a facial injury if hit by a pitch.

Many players have or will wish to purchase their own baseball bats.

*IMPORTANT: There are some very strict rules about the dimensions and composition of bats allowed for Little League play.

For Further Information on Bats: CLICK HERE

Each team will have an adequate supply of approved bats provided by the League.

This is the first Division where the League strives to have at least one qualified umpire at every regular season and playoff game. It is also a Division where some opportunities may exist for out-of-League tournament play, and the League covers registration fees for the team for those tournaments.

This level of play is designed for 11 year-olds and 10 year-olds who are moved up by League invitation only.

12 year-olds may participate, but only under the conditions outlined above.

Players must have a birthday from May 1, 2002 thru April 30, 2003 inclusive.

Cost is $265