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Major AA - 10 and 11 Years Old

Majors AA

In past years we have had a Majors AA Division.

In reviewing this Division, the Board has determined that our players will be best served by eliminating the Majors AA Division for 2015.  The small size of the Division (2 teams last year) coupled with Interlocking with just one other League (CalSouth) left players on those 2 teams feeling isolated and cut off from the rest of the League.

Additionally, this change will ensure that players who previously 'laddered up' from Minors to Majors AA stay in the Minors Division, which will substantially strengthen that Division.  11 year olds who would previously have been tiered will now have an opportunity to compete with every other 11 year old which will improve the experience and diversity of every house league team and will augment new leadership and friendship opportunities.